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In 2002, the Commission set up an expert group on Public Sector Information (PSI Group) to:

  • Exchange good practices and initiatives supporting public sector information re-use.
  • Discuss and recommend solutions to challenges such as charging, exclusive agreements, development indicators for measuring public sector information and technology.

The PSI Group consists of representatives of the 28 Member States. Private sector organisations and PSI experts are regularly invited to the meeting on an ad-hoc basis.
List of members 


19th meeting

10 September 2014, Agenda - Minutes

18th meeting 

26 November 2013, Agenda - Minutes

17th meeting  

24 January 2013, Agenda - Minutes

16th meeting 

16 March 2012, Agenda - Minutes

15th meeting

13 September 2011, agenda

14th meeting

27 January 2011, agenda, minutes

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