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FET Flagship Pilots Conference

Filmed at the close of the FET Flagship Pilots Conference held in Brussels on 9th July 2012.
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In order of appearance:
1. Jurg Burri, Deputy to the State Secretary for Education and Research, Switzerland
2. Dr Wolfgang Tostmann, Senior Innovation Advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Netherlands
3. Dr Paul Verchure, RoboCom project
4. Liat Maoz, Manager of Special Projects, Council for Higher Education, Planning and Budgeting Committee, Israel
5. Professor Karlheinz Meier, Human Brain Project
6. Professor Jari Karnet, Graphene project
7. Professor Steve Bishop, FuturICT project
8. Professor Adrian Ionescu, Guardian Angels project
9. Professor Hans Lehrach, ITFoM
10. Wolfgang Boch, European Commission, Head of Unit. DG CONNECT

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