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Language Technologies

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EU's support to make online content available in every European language.
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Unsurprisingly, people prefer to use the Internet in their own language - a 2011 Eurobameter polls (User language preferences online, pdf), for example, showed that 90% of EU internet users prefer shopping on websites in their own language, while other studies demonstrate that two out of three EU customers buy only in their mother tongue.

The producers of ecommerce sites and other online content, however, cannot usually create and maintain their sites in all available languages. The EU's digital single market suffers as a result, with online companies unable to reach all Europeans, and many Europeans unable to access the world's content and products in their language.

The European Commission has supported Human Language Technologies (HLT) for many years, and now funds many research projects into language and digital content interfaces to make the internet’s content more broadly available.

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