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The Digital Agenda for Europe website informs, shares news and helps people debate on the development of the Digital Agenda for Europe within the Europe 2020 strategy and the Digital Single Market.
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The Digital Agenda for Europe covers several topics, among which the future of the Digital Single Market, the development of better practices for self- and co-regulation, of a better internet for kids, etc. You can join the discussions, read our blog section or participate in the public consultations.


The community includes several ad-hoc forums and discussions that deal with policy making and developments. Among the most active discussions, the Community of Practice for self- and co- regulation, and Corporate Social responsibility (ICT4Society).

We also want to hear your views on how to shape Europe's digital future, on where we should go and how we can get there. Join our Digital4EU website to create and take part in discussions on policy ideas, to comment and vote on our vision, to submit a blog, to upload evidence or to post short videos on "Talking Digital".


The European Commission regurarly consults stakeholders and interested parties. To contribute, the public consultation page lists open and planned public consultations.


The Digital Agenda blog hosts several posts from stakeholders and internal experts. It allows you to get closer to our everyday work and discuss it with us.


The calendar of events of the Digital Agenda includes events related to the different policy areas, of which some are organised by us (future events). The events page lists the bigger conferences and gatherings with regards to the Digital Agenda and the Digital Single Market.


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Last updated on 04/05/2015