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ICT & Art - introducing the new StARTS platform

ICT & Art
ICT can enhance our capacity to sense the world, but an artwork can reach audiences on intrinsic emotional levels.
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Innovation is about new beginnings, new starts. It is at the confluence of knowledge and creativity. Innovation has given birth to a new online platform StARTS - Science, Technology and the Arts- where artists and researchers can creatively innovate with ICT.

The constant appropriation of new technologies by artists allows them to go further in actively participating in society. By using ICT as their medium of expression, artists are able to prototype solutions, create new products and make new economic, social and business models. Additionally, by using traditional mediums of expression and considering the potentials of ICT, they propose new approaches to research and education.

The European Commission recognizes the emergence of vital arts and research communities who work jointly on the unique usage of technology. It supported the ICT ART CONNECT study which lead the way to the StARTS initiative by revealing new evidence for the integration of the Arts as an essential and fruitful component within research and innovation in ICT.

2015 will be the year of StARTS! Events throughout Europe will be announced soon.


Last updated on 23/03/2015