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Going Local is the Commission's outreach to stakeholders and citizens in Member States and neighbouring countries to discuss digital matters.
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Going Local 2015

The 2015 edition of the Going Local will focus specificially on the Digital Single Market strategy which will be adopted on 6 May. The aim is to present and communicate the Commission's digital priorities and to get a better understanding of national and local digital realities, as well as reaching out to local stakeholders and citizens.


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Going Local was launched in 2010 to bring awareness and involvement of the Digital Agenda EU (DAE) to stakeholders following the publication of the Digital Agenda. The feedback from the visits (PDF 124 KB) was very positive so a second round of visits took place in autumn 2011.

The 2011 programme focused on aspects of the DAE goals and objectives of interest to the Member States and associated countries.

Going Local 2012 addressed high speed broadband, while Going Local 2013 will focus on a number of topics, including: the Digital Agenda Review; Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs & Skills Digital; Digital European Council; Information on Horizon 2020 preparations and CEF Digital Services; Use of structural funds in ICT.

Online Engagement Going Local II (2011) - see the Final report (PDF 1,84 MB) and Annex (PDF 3,87 MB), and discussions on Twitter (#daelocal).


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