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The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO)

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Infographic on the development and use of the Global Internet Policy Observatory
GIPO Infographic
Inspired by the view that Internet policy and governance could be supported through technical tools which make information widely and easily accessible, GIPO aims at enabling a more inclusive participation of all stakeholders, including those with limited resources.
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The broad range of policy areas impacted by the Internet are an objective obstacle for many stakeholders to participate effectively in discussion and decision-making processes on Internet-related public policies. The European Commission has carried out a feasibility study to look into the different solutions to create a platform that would help overcoming the problems of information overlap, overload, fragmentation and complexity.

The concept of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) has been firstly formulated by the Commission in May 2013 and the commitment to the multistakeholder model of Internet governance.

The objectives of the Observatory are to provide:

  • Resources for the global community: it will not replace existing mechanisms and fora where global Internet governance is discussed. GIPO wants to be a complementary tool for stakeholders to strengthen Internet policy-making processes, making full use of modern technology.
  • "Automation": at the moment, automatic data collection and analysis for policy purposes is not a common application of existing observatories.

The launch of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) will be seed funded by the European Commission, although the aim is to build a "multi-stakeholder alliance" around GIPO.


Project news and results

Projects news and results:
Projects news and results: