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Startup success stories

Take inspiration from entrepreneurs and startups in twelve Member States across the European Union. Many of the them facing very challenging times in terms of unemployment, particularly amongst the young in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.
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Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Of tapping into the dynamic web and applications scene that is thriving right across Europe and beyond? Of taking your “crazy” idea and turning it into something real? If your answer is "yes” to any of those questions but have been too afraid to take a leap of faith, afraid of failure…don’t be.

Today, these startups have turned their ideas into successful businesses contributing to European innovation, growth and job creation. They have been helped along the way by both local and EU network and funding opportunities, and so can you.

The European Union is committed to strengthening the business environment for startups in Europe through the many instruments available today such as the HORIZON 2020 Programme, the Startup Europe Initiative, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and FIWARE Accelerator Programme.


  • Made in Bulgaria

    The startup scene in Bulgaria has flourished in recent years and there is certainly more to come

  • Made in Cyprus

    See the real potential of Cyprus

  • Made in France

    France startup ecosystem is in the making and the country has the potential of becoming a new startup nation

  • Made in Germany

    Berlin is the heart of the German startup landscape. It is hip and the place where most young entrepreneurs and developers start their digital businesses, but the rest of the country is heating up too

  • Made in Greece

    Greece: a tech and digital scene which is decidedly heating up

  • Made in Italy

    How the Italian ecosystem provides support, funding and mentoring

  • Made in the Netherlands

    A small country with a flexible and English-speaking workforce, exceptional digital access, many innovative centres and a need to look beyond the borders to create a business of meaningful size – these are some of the reasons behind the surge of successful entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

  • Made in Poland

    In recent years, Polish startups have changed their focus from the domestic market to the global one. Local startup scenes have emerged Warsaw, Krakow and other cities, in part thanks to collaborative spaces such as the Warsaw Reaktor

  • Made in Portugal

    Portugal where web and ICT startups sprout up all over the country

  • Made in Slovakia

    Slovakia a hive of tech, web and mobile app activity

  • Made in Spain

    Discover Spain entrepreneurship central focus

  • Made in Sweden

    Sweden’s rather mature startup scene is said to resemble that of Silicon Valley. The capital, Stockholm, is bubbling with creativity and the country’s many success stories are owed to thought leadership, highly skilled workers and a history in design


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