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Europeana – a single access point to Europe's digital culture

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Europeana – a single access point to Europe's digital culture
Europeana – a single access point to Europe's digital culture
Millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and other cultural treasures in 29 European languages.
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Europeana is a catalyst for change in the world of digital culture. Its mission is to create new ways for people to engage with their cultural history, whether it’s for work, learning or pleasure. Europeana's vision is to make culture openly accessible in a digital way, to promote the exchange of ideas and information. This helps us all to understand our cultural diversity better and contributes to a thriving knowledge economy.

Key actors are Europeana Foundation, on the one hand, and Europe's cultural institutions, on the other. Europeana Foundation runs the Europeana portal and coordinates the network of contributing cultural institutions, currently around 2,200. On this ecosystem of collaborating national cultural institutions, Europeana brings together private content holders (who are digitising their collections and make them available online), technology firms and research institutes.

In summary, the Europeana Foundation's objectives are:

  • to make Europe's cultural and scientific heritage available through a cross-domain portal (
  • to work with museums, archives, audiovisual archives and libraries to deliver the portal and make it sustainable
  • to bring items that have already been digitised into the portal
  • to encourage and support the digitisation of more of Europe's cultural and scientific heritage

Most of the Europeana projects are co-funded by the European Union’s CIP ICT-PSP Programme (Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme).

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