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EU funded projects

The EU funds a number of ICT projects where procurers from different countries participate to implement Pre-commercial procurement or Public procurement for innovative solutions projects
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This page provides an overview of ongoing EU funded projects in which groups of procurers from different countries around Europe are jointly implementing PCPs or PPIs in the ICT domain, as well as networking projects in which procurers coordinate activities related to PCP or PPI implementation. Click here for a brochure and an overview presentation of the status of all ongoing EU funded PCP and PPI projects in the ICT domain.

EU co-financed projects in the ICT domain that are implementing joint trans-national PCPs

Background information on the implementation format followed by these projects is available for consultation.

  • CHARM - Consortium of road management authorities that conducts a PCP to improve traffic throughput, road safety, CO2 footprint and reduce the costs of traffic management by moving to an open modular architecture for Traffic Management Centres equipped with advanced traffic management, traffic prediction and cooperative systems.
  • PRACE 3IP – Consortium of research infrastructure centers that conducts a PCP that focuses on increasing the energy efficiency of high performance computing.
  • SILVER  - Consortium of local and regional authorities that conducts a PCP to identify robotics solutions that enable care givers to reach 10% more independently living elderly persons by 2020.
  • SMART@FIRE – Consortium of fire brigades and interior ministries that aims to conduct a PCP focused on ICT solutions for smart personal protective equipment for fire fighters and first responders.
  • DECIPHER – Consortium of public health providers that aims to conduct a PCP focused on innovating cross-border mobile healthcare that benefits patients and healthcare organisations through the use of electronic patient records as key enabling technology.
  • V-CON – Consortium of national road authorities that aims to conduct a PCP to improve their efficiency and effectiveness by improving data exchange in the sector through virtual modelling of road infrastructure.
  • C4E – Cloud for Europe addresses the objectives of the European Cloud Partnership program. The consortium of public authorities aims to give a clear view on the public sector requirements and usage scenarios for Cloud Computing in Europe, by removing the obstacles for Cloud adoption and harmonising the requirements from different public organisations. The PCP will focus on services that are identified as missing or need to be adopted for Governments use.
  • IMAILE – Consortium of universities and cities that aims to conduct a PCP focused on e-learning solutions, meaning new technologies and services which address the challenge of providing the next generation of Personal Learning Environments (PLE) for primary and secondary schools.
  • ENIGMA – Consortium of cities that aims to conduct a PCP focused on innovative solutions to bring radical improvements to cities' urban safety and energy efficiency, using next generation ICT applications in the context of innovative public lighting systems as part of the city infrastructure.
  • THALEA – Consortium of hospitals that aims to conduct a PCP focused on developing a highly interoperable telemedicine-platform that detects increased risk ICU-patients.
  • PREFORMA – Consortium of memory institutions that plans a PCP to address the challenge of increasing transfers of electronic documents and other media content for long term digital preservation. The focus is to establish a long-term sustainable ecosystem, a reference implementation of the most common file format standards for the assessment and correction of the collections to be archived.
  • UNWIRED HEALTH – Consortium of public health providers that aims to introduce a mobile care path for consumers to enable patient-centric care, using mobile devices and converging interoperable platforms across multiple nations. The PCP focuses on services to improve vaccination coverage and adherence to coach patients with heart failures.
  • NYMPHA-MD – Consortium of mental care hospitals aiming to conduct a PCP focused on next generation services for mental health treatment with a special focus on bipolar disorder.

EU co-financed coordination and networking projects related to PCP or PPI

  • INSPIRE - Network of contracting authorities in eHealth, active aging and independent living that aims to achieve practical impact on the use of PCP and link with venture capital activities. Focus will be on sharing and disseminating evidence on innovation procurement practices from EU projects, and in particular promotion of the risk/benefit sharing aspects of these.
  • P4ITS – Network of contracting authorities experienced or planning to shortly embark on deploying cooperative ITS, willing to improve the market roll-out of innovative transport systems through public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI). The network will enable the contracting authorities to explore common issues and themes with counterparts from in other countries, with a view to developing a more concerted approach for ITS deployment in Europe.

EU co-financed projects in the ICT domain that are implementing joint transnational PPIs

  • STOP AND GO - Consortium of local and regional procurers that plan to undertake together a public procurement of innovative solutions to trigger the market and deliver ICT based telecare services that enable care for the elderly that suffer from multiple conditions at the same time such as heart failure, diabetes, etc.

For general information on Innovation Procurement or specific information on Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) please consult the associated pages.

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