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eParticipation helps people engage in politics and policy-making and makes the decision-making processes easier to understand, thanks to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
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Active participation in political life and decision-making

Is participation in politics and decision making still something which is limited to a few groups?
Thanks to ICT - particularly social media - more and more citizens are able to take direct part in political
Public administrations need to adapt to keep up with the rapid transformation of our society. The increased connectivity of citizens and businesses leads to new expectations as regards the quality, transparency and efficiency of public services as well as access to public figures and institutions. The European eGovernment Action Plan (2011-15) and the Malmö Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment support the use of ICTs in civic life. The Europe for Citizens Programme (2007-2013) promotes initiatives that facilitate the active participation in the civic and democratic life of the EU.

Projects (past and current)

  • The eParticipation Preparatory Action – supported by the European Parliament - co-funded 21 pilots promoting the use of ICT in legislative and decision-making processes within parliamentary and government environments.
  • The CIP ICT Policy Support Programme for 2009 supported projects empowering and involving citizens in transparent decision-making in the EU.
  • The EU's 5th & 6th Research Framework Programmes (FP5/6) co-funded several projects to develop concepts, tools and solutions for the use of ICT in participatory democracy. New tools for governance and policy modelling, currently being developed under FP7, will support governments in delivering smarter, targeted and adaptive policies, whilst better understanding cost-effectiveness and impacts.
  • CIP/PSP Projects OurSpace, Puzzled by Policy, MyUniversity, Immigration Policy 2.0 and PARTERRE achieved concrete and good results.

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