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Elements of a data value chain strategy

The Commission is developing an initiative that aims to generate the maximum value from data – particularly so-called "Big Data". The focus is on generating value at the different stages of the data value chain, made possible through a coherent European ecosystem centred on data.

The concept of the data value chain refers to the life-cycle of data, starting with the generation of data, going from their validation and further processing leading to use and re-use in the form of new innovative products and services. The following guiding principles underlie our strategic initiative on the data value chain:

  1. a wide availability of good quality data, including the free availability of publicly-funded data;
  2. free flow of data across the European Union, as part of the Digital Single Market;
  3. finding the right balance between individuals' potential privacy concerns and the exploitation of the potential of the reuse of their data while also empowering citizens to use their data in any way they wish to.

This initiative focuses on nurturing a coherent European data ecosystem that will stimulate research and innovation around data and the uptake of data services and products. It will put in place a specific set of actions to improve the framework conditions for extracting value out of data, including the competence base, infrastructure, standards as well as a favourable policy and legal environment.

A group of well-focused actions have been identified under one single strategic framework addressing a number of cross-cutting themes linked to value generation throughout the data value chain.

The strategic initiative on the data value chain will build on and complement European strategies on Open Data, Cloud Computing, High-Performance Computing and access to scientific data.




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