Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Download Scoreboard reports

In this page, you can download several scoreboard reports, which will give you a broader outlook on the potential of ICT growth in Europe, the progress of the Digital Agenda, the trends on the European Broadband Markets and several other performance indicators.
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Digital Agenda targets Progress report 2015 (ppt/pdf)

  • 1Connectivity
    Broadband market developments in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • Implementation of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications - 2015:
    • Complete report (pdf)
    • Only EU report (pdf)
  • 2 Human Capital
    Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • Background Document on the Digital Skills Indicator 2015 (pdf)
  • 3 Use of Internet
  • Use of Internet Services by Citizens in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • 4 Integration of Digital Technology
  • Trends in European eCommerce in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • Use of Cloud Services by Citizens and Enterprises in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • 5 Digital Public Services
  • Trends in European Digital Public Services in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • R&D Research & Development
  • Trends in European Research & Development in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • Horizon 2020 Research Projects in the ICT domain in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)


Unlocking the ICT Growth Potential in Europe: Enabling people and businesses.

The Report by The Conference Board highlights the importance of unlocking ICT's growth potential in Europe and calls for a strategic vision for Europe to be ready to drive the new wave (mobile broadband, cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things)


Individual sections:


Individual sections :




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