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Futurium interviews
Digital Futures is interested in your views! Are you ready?
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To enrich our knowledge base and stimulate reflections and ideas, we want to capture your thoughts about life in the 2050s.

Here are some typical questions we ask the futurists who want to offer a contribution:

  1. What is your vision for 2050? What will the world look like by then?
  2. What are the forthcoming scientific and technological innovations that will change the society, the economy, and the bio-sphere?
  3. How would these changes affect our personal lives?
  4. Which of today's trends are most likely to continue beyond 2020 up to 2050?
  5. What 'early signals' visible today might point to disruptive trends in the future?
  6. How can science and technology contribute to a peaceful and thriving Europe?
  7. What is your personal recipe for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth beyond 2050?

Are you interested and willing to contribute? You can do so by:

  • self-producing a video statement answering one or more of the above questions.
  • giving an interview over a video conference system.
  • arranging an in-person interview with the Digital Futures Task Force?

Please contact Annika Ostergren Pofantis or Adam Watson-Brown for details.


Responses so far: