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Digital entrepreneurs

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Below is one of the winning ideas of the Digital Agenda Stakeholder Day. It will be developed by interested stakeholder groups and you can join their community of interest.

Turning big ideas into innovation, creating a new Europan identity

Entrepreneurs are the brave founders, inventors and visionaries of the companies of tomorrow. They explore the unknown, shoulder enormous risks, and create advanced next generation jobs to ensure continued economic and social growth. There are many barriers to establishing and growing startups in Europe because of insufficient support and limited access to capital. Digital Entrepreneurs want to change this and stimulate entrepreneurship, attract capital and minimize barriers by creating:

  • European digital talent fund
  • Digital valley for Europe
  • New eco-system for start-ups/high-growth
  • Going global with Digital Agenda


  • Global innovation hub
  • Next-gen job creation
  • Europe's entrepreneurial identity

Digital entrepreneurs are the missing link between Europe's flagship initiatives "Digital Agenda", "Research & Innovation CSF" and "Innovation Union". The big idea was initiated by "12 Entrepreneurs" – the movement of next generation entrepreneurs, bringing the entrepreneurial spirit from Silicon Valley to Europe and building a bridge between the centres of innovation.

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Primary contacts:
Roman TOLIC (Tolikas Media Company, Digital Media Innovations, Austria)
Emmanuel CARRAUD (, iPhone & mobile phone applications, United Kingdom)

Contact in the Commission:
Khalil ROUHANA (European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Luxembourg)


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