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Digital Agenda Going Local 2011

In the autumn 2010 the European Commission carried out the so-called Going Local exercise where visits were arranged in all member states to raise awareness of the Digital Agenda for Europe, which was published in May 2010.

Following the positive feedback we decided to carry out another round of visits, this time with a greater focus on the local aspects, with the aim of gathering feedback on the first year of the Digital Agenda for Europe and get suggestions for new initiatives.

The objectives of the visits were to:

  • Report on progress of the Digital Agenda;
  • Identify challenges for the future;
  • Stimulate actions and commitments.

The European Commission came into town to hear your opinion!

What should Europe do to support business possibilities for ICT based growth? What do Danish businesses need from EU?

The meetings gave the participants the possibility to influence the development of the European ICT strategy as well as hear about the European targets and the concrete initiatives from the European Commission.

The meetings were organised in partnership with the IT-forum Central Jutland, Danish ICT and electronics federation for it, telecommunications, electronics and communication enterprises and The Danish IT Industry Association.

Three meetings took place in Denmark during autumn 2011:

Sonderborg 3 October 2011, 8.30-13.00

The meeting in Sonderborg focused on digital challenges and solutions for citizens and businesses, which cross the border daily or regularly. The meeting was arranged as an interactive event with a few short presentations followed by discussion and exchange of ideas. The conclusions from the meeting was that there is a need for legislative frameworks on a European level based on relevant case studies, which apart from identifying challenges also evaluates the cost and benefits of the necessary investments.

You can find the programme, report, presentations etc. here

Aarhus 12 October 2011, 9.00-13.30

The meeting in Aarhus focused on innovation and growth using new technologies. The conclusions and output from the meeting was an identification of several resource- and timing barriers regarding application for and administrate European research funds. Moreover there was a relevant discussion on the interface between research in ICT and support to the development of innovative services using ICT as a tool.

You can find the programme, report, presentations etc. here

Copenhagen 8 December 2011, 09.00-14.00

The meeting in Copenhagen focussed on the Digital Single Market, especially targeting digital content.

The digital economy is a major source of growth and jobs. A true digital single market could deliver 4% extra GDP growth over the next ten years.

You can find the programme, report, presentations etc. here


  • Going Local 2011, Copenhagen: Digital content as a driver for the Digital Single market (08/12/2011)
  • Going Local 2011, Sonderborg: Digital challenges and solutions for businesses and public authorities in the border region (03/10/2011)
  • Going Local 2011, Copenhagen: Digital content as a driver for the Digital Single market (08/12/2011)
  • Going Local 2011, Aarhus: Innovation and growth using new technology (12/10/2011)

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Commission representation office

Country team

Commission Country team leader: Morten MOLLER (EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Strategy for ICT Research and Innovation, Belgium)

Commission contact: Rasmus SHERMER (European Commission, Digital Agenda: Policy Coordination, Belgium)

Digital Agenda High Level Group member: Jørgen Abild ANDERSEN (Ministry of Business and Growth, Danish Telecommunication Authority, Denmark)



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