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Find here the most recent analysis and data by country. A selection of key documents and graphs are shown about topics such as broadband, internet activity and skills, egovernment, ICT in schools, research and innovation, as well as other main indicators.

Digital Champion

The Digital Champion of the Netherlands

She is the Former Minister of Transport and now chairs "Digivaardig & Digiveilig", an NGO which promotes Digital Inclusion programmes.

She says:"We want to persuade the Dutch people that it is important to have e-skills, that you can navigate safely, and that with the ICT skills you can be a worker in a modern society".


Going local



  • Going Local 2013, Den Haag (07/05/2013)
  • Going Local 2011, Jaarcongres ECP-EPN (17/11/2011)
  • Youth On The Move (13/10/2011)
  • ICT Delta 2011 (16/11/2011)

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What we do

PLACE-IT: Electronics-to-wear light up health care

The new components are flexible, stretchable, strong and light – so much so that they can easily adapt to the contours and movement of the human body. And that opens the door to a vast new array of applications, from smart bandages and internal organ monitors in the health care industry, e-clothing for the fashion and road safety sectors, to smart lighting inside cars, trains and planes. The work of the PLACE-it partners heralds the dawn of a new industry to accommodate this revolutionary flexible technology. You’ve heard of e-books, e-billing and e-health: now come e-textiles!


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