Digital Agenda for Europe
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Digital Agenda Scoreboard


Find here the most recent analysis and data by country. A selection of key documents and graphs are shown about topics such as broadband, internet activity and skills, egovernment, ICT in schools, research and innovation, as well as other main indicators.
Last updated on 24/02/2015
Digital Champion

Gesche Joost

"My priorities are digital skills, diversity in our digital society and an open internet", said Gesche Joost, German Digital Champion.

She is a professor at the Berlin University of the Arts specialising in design research. Since 2008, she has been Head of the Design Research Lab focusing her research on human-computer interaction, aspects of gender and diversity in communications technology as well as social design. In 2005, she joined Telekom Innovation Laboratories working on advances in ICT R&D.

Going local


Digital Agenda Going Local 2011 In autumn 2010 the European Commission carried out the so-called Going Local exercise where visits were arranged in all member states to raise awareness of the Digital Agenda for Europe, which was published in May 2010. Following the positive feedback we decided to carry out another round of visits, this time with a greater focus on the local aspects, with the aim of obtaining feedback on the first year of the Digital Agenda for Europe and suggestions for new initiatives.
Last updated on 28/01/2013