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Czech Republic

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Digital Champion

The Digital Champion of the Czech Republic

Ondrej Felix is the Chief Architect of the Czech Republic e-Government. He says his first priority as Digital Champion is the improvement of the cross-border interoperability of e-government systems.

"I want to push for more investment in this field, with electronic identification systems (eID) as a priority. The Czech Republic has recently improved the internal interoperability between different regions within its national boundaries, so it is now time to build on what has been done, and move a step further."

Going local

Czech Republic


Going Local 2013 - 21 January 2014 (Prague)

Key theme:

  • Horizon 2020

Going Local 2013 - CZ report.pdf

Going Local 2012 - 30 & 31 January 2013 (Prague, Brno)

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