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Which investments in Europe?


Capacity - Which investments in Europe?

  • Is manufacturing a commodity?
  • Level Playing Field Investments
  • Smart specialisation
  • The role of Pilot Lines


Why does Europe need an electronic components manufacturing base? Is an electronics value chain sustainable without an electronic component manufacturing capacity in Europe? What has to be done in Europe to sustain the ever larger costs of R&D and manufacturing of the latest generations?

What could be the role of an Important Project of Common Europe Interest (ICPCEI)? Which ICPEI's could be envisaged?

How to make Europe attractive for investment including for larger players from outside Europe? What are the most effective investment tools for the electronics value chain today? Is facilitated access to risk finance needed? Are the investment tools available at European level (EIB, SME instrument…) sufficient?

How could Smart Specialisation support the implementation of the Electronics Industrial Strategic Roadmap?

How can Europe make the most of pilot lines to address the 'Valley of Death'?

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