Digital Agenda for Europe
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Which eco-system in Europe?


Cooperation and partnerships - Which eco-system in Europe?

  • Value chain and Partnerships
  • Innovation chain
  • Role of SMEs
  • Clusters


Electronic components are an essential part of almost any final products. Will vertical re-integration happen?  How important is proximity with users?  How to nurture a systems approach?  What is the role of international cooperation?

How can Europe make better use of the excellent technology development capability in Europe in universities, RTO's and in industry? How can European industry better capitalize on this asset?

The ever increasing costs of designing and manufacturing are a growing barrier for SMEs to design, manufacture and access advanced electronic components. How to better integrate SME's in value chains?

How to build on/expand existing clusters and how to develop new ones? What is the value added of clusters? If so how should these be organised regional, national or non-geographic? How to connect clusters? 


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