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What advice would you give someone who wants to set up his own online business?

Many would-be entrepreneurs can face many obstacles when trying to join the e-commerce revolution and some don't understand that they need to be very well prepared before their online business is ready to start trading. According to you,what are the most important steps to think about to succeed?

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Our research (here in connemara and an ongoing review of global literature) clearly shows that many Micro and SMEs have poor basic business skills.

Without adequate business skills ICT and Ecommerce spend by businesses is wasted money

Such skills are critical as they are the foundation of good business paractice and participation in the digital economy.
Many businesses believe that setting up ecommerce and social media presence is an end in itself. It is not. It has to be part of a strategy for that business. This is the start point of Ecommerce and the successful use of ICT for business improvement.
Far more needs to be done in this area that actually helps yield real commercial benefits and not spend just schemes that are designed to pump up the "deployment stats" stats for Govt and EU reports.

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Thank you very much for your input. That’s a very interesting point of view. Indeed, social commerce and e-commerce are only a part of digital business. However, what would you advise to improve knowledge and success in the digital market ?

If you have any questions to ask to the Commission, do not hesitate to post them on Twitter with the hashtag #da13dsm, the day of the conference and some of them should be asked during the debate on June 19th.
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Concentrate less on technology , more on business models and technique.

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