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The transition to globalization


The transition to globalization becomes an even more critical point of globalization itself . The data are clear , making an empirical analysis and niche , just take a look at the propensity to use websites developed eGovernment Observatory of the Politecnico of Milan today, in front of an attendance of local sites to Post part of the 50 % of users for payments , with a utilization of 41% approx for certified through traditional channels , web sites dedicated , instead , they see a propensity to use payments for 11 .5 % and 12% ca for certificates. As well as the websites of the totality of the Public Administration are only 20% and 19% for payments for certificates. Few data to understand that the web is still very far from solving our problems in practice , and yet the state seems to be the only possible solution .
The technology node , then. The technology, however, may be the only answer to the node , as applied to eliminate the cultural divide . How ? First, starting from the school , which should be the venue for excellence to fill the gaps of knowledge and usability and sustainability of our world. Go ahead , then the technology in the school for the increasing spread of globalization interactive and therefore more civil and adjustable. The school lives the future, we have a moral obligation to teach what that future awareness by providing the "toolbox " useful to survive in the woods of indeterminacy and uncertain . Concreteness and passion, realism and ability to dream , even in large, this is the meaning of technological progress in school necessarily translate into opportunities equidistant and equal opportunities , the world of the possible. At least let us hope .

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