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How to interlink Open Innovation to Horizon 2020?

How do you foresee the opportunity bringing in innovaiton aspects into the H2020? Can you bring in open innovation methods to projects, to create open innovation ecosystems, bring attraction to your own incentives even if they are not mature projects yet? How do you search for innovative interaction for projects fitting the calls? As you notice there is a lot room for user involvmetn and real world experimentation too.

The place for random ideas

Dear OI2 friends, Share any type of whim, creative impulse, idea or project. Let's discuss what you have in mind together in an Open Innovation 2.0 Environment. /digital-agenda/en/file/10538Oliver_we_like.JPG

Welcome to the OI24U Community

/digital-agenda/en/file/10355155449726.jpg Being wrong and unsecured is not always a bad thing. Curiosity and uncertainty might lead to innovation in a Quadruple Helix Environment: others help the improvement of the idea in order to make it all the more relevant for a real life implementation. The often used Triple Helix innovation is not taking into account the societal capital, i.e. the citizens.