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Network and Information Security (NIS): Which is the added-value for Member States to join a Europe-wide effort on cybersecurity?


The commission has recently launched a EU Cybersecurity plan to protect open internet and online freedom and opportunity, comprising a Cyber Security strategy and Proposal for a Directive.

The main objective of the Strategy, is the setting up of a platform on network and information security (NIS) bringing together relevant public and private stakeholders, to identify good cybersecurity practices across the value chain and ensuring a common minimum level of preparedness at national level, including an online platform to prevent and counter cross-border cyber incidents, and incident reporting requirements.

But which do you think will be the real added value of a cyber-security effort at the European level?

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Each Member State will be able to identify the level of it's existing capabilities and protection and proceed to the required additions based on a common "road map" - "set of guidelines" that could result in a uniform European level of preparedness.
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Surveys have consistently reported that a lack of confidence and trust in electronic systems is a barrier in enabling citizens and businesses to benefit from the services in the digital world. The Cyber Security Strategy highlights that the Digital Single Market is far from achieving its full potential; the cost of failure to complete it is expected to be at least 4.1 per cent of GDP between 2012 and 2020, i.e. EUR 500 billion or EUR 1000 per citizen. It is suggested that increased trust could enhance e-commerce completion rates.
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Security is as strong as the weakest link, and this new Directive will help to stand for a minimum security level across the Union. This level is really important because we, as a society need to trust in the Information Systems in order to use it... if we perceive that they are more dangerous than we desire, then we will not use it... and they are really the future (low cost of access to information, possibilities to share, etc.), so the EU strongly needs to build up this trust scenario.
In other sense, EU needs a strong internal market and, if this Directive is implemented across all members, it would strongly contribute to build upthis internal market.

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