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My thoughts are that: 1) Internet is becoming an integral part of our lives. The distinction between digital and analog is disappearing fast. So policy has to start reflecting this. 2) the internet truly has no borders. All decisions made about the internet and devices, software, etc. are made outside of politics, not reflecting any borders. The last persons on earth thinking about borders concerning the internet seem to be politicians. Alternatives concerning mitigation of cyber and international organised crime and cyber security over just national solutions could be explored. 3) Governing and enforcing institutions that are transnational have to be experimented with. To do so on a world scale is an illusion at this point in time, but if the EU is not able to scale up e.g. ENISA and EC3 to coordinating, investigative bodies, then how ever to do so outside of the EU? 4) The GAC is a totally overestimated body. ICANN is just a facet of what is happening on and around the internet. Stop acting like it is the sole universe of the internet. It isn't. It is a convenient place to travel to. There are much more decisive actors than ICANN. 5) The EC has to pick where it wants to have true influence on cyber security and prevention of crime. What measures could actually change things for the better and who needs to be on board to reach that goal? Internet governance and public private partnerships start here. (The same choice goes for national governments.) 6) Internet governance should be taken into account more seriously within the EU for starters. A body where solutions are discussed together. A safer internet starts with decisive decisions in the private realm. It is for the EC and national governments to facilitate and supply the comfort to take that decisions, that most likely are costly and technically challenging. 7) The same rules should apply to all concerned on the internet. The weakest links are just what they are. Plug and bolt them. 8) There is a strong craving for knowledge and governance from developing countries. Assist them to build their capacity, but find out their needs first.

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