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What is specific to CSR in ICT compared to other industry sectors? What good practices are available? What are the most urgent issues?

Community members are welcome to use the ICT4Society Cafè to present their CSR approach, their good practices and success stories, as well as to share concerns.

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CSR in ICT - Cross-cutting themes - call for feedback on knowledge mapping and initial stakeholder engagement

Recent analysis demonstrates the benefits of responsible business for their bottom line. What is the link between CSR and competitiveness?

Human Rights at work in ICT sector - Is international stakeholders monitoring effective?

For the first time in history, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has found a surveillance software company to be in violation of human rights guidelines, following a complaint about the notorious British-German spyware outfit Gamma International.


Better Internet for Kids - apps, devices, digital literacy, control, ... have your say!

Children and kids need a safe environment as they surf the web. The Strategy for a Better internet for Children provides actions to empowered them as they explore the digital world.


In June 2014, the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights called attention to “the disturbing lack of governmental transparency associated with surveillance policies, laws and practices, which hinders any effort to assess their coherence with international human rights law and to ensure accountabili


Diversity is not just about women in ICT... but that is quite a big issue, with many initiatives being carried out to improve participations of girls and women in IT training curricula and jobs.

Any good practices you would like the community to know about?



CSR... what a broad topic! But within a properly integrated comprehensive approach, your organization may excel in addressing some specific CSR issues or feel some topics are more urgent that others to be discussed: propose a new discussion thread and we will launch it.

How can Europe ICT companies play a leading role in greater corporate transparency on ethics and anti-corruption activities?

Transparency and anticorruption are among those topics that better epitomise the role of ICT both as a sector where CSR can have a remarkably pervasive impact on society as a whole and as a sector delivering technologies and solutions that enable better CSR in all sectors.

ICT for Social Inclusion: big (social) gains ahead!

Are you/is your organisation delivering tools, providing training, or otherwise engaging in ICT for social inclusion? Let the ICT4Society Community hear about it.

Below you will find some key challenges higlighthed by JRC research that can be used as discussion threads.

ICT for CSR - Can ICT enable (more) effective CSR?

ICT is a key enabling technology. Can it enable CSR as well? The answer seems to be a clear and loud "yes"! Self-assessment, monitoring, interaction with third-parties, communication and outreach: definitely, they play a major role in CSR practices.

On fears and fantasies around open data

Opening up the immense wealth of data the public sector collects in its interactions with the community and the environment is seen as a source of collective intelligence for a greater good, an opportunity for business, a booster for democratic participation

Digital Literacy: let’s discuss this fundamental challenge of our times

Digital inclusion has become a right. Literature, governments, citizens, enterprises, bloggers all agree. However, digital inclusion cannot happen without digital literacy.

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