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How to interlink Open Innovation to Horizon 2020?

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How do you foresee the opportunity bringing in innovaiton aspects into the H2020? Can you bring in open innovation methods to projects, to create open innovation ecosystems, bring attraction to your own incentives even if they are not mature projects yet? How do you search for innovative interaction for projects fitting the calls? As you notice there is a lot room for user involvmetn and real world experimentation too. 

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After encountering Digital Agenda and Open Innovation Conferences in 2012 to 2013, I see Horizon2020 embracing quickly and instantly the Open Innovation approach in all methodology! Especially for key performance indicators, assessment of criteria and governance in sharing for and with the SME a total economic truth for change and transparency!

For Europa I am sure her wish for H2020 flourishes and expands positivity as the new stimulus which creative and business citizens are past waiting to feel again!

Would adore a reality for EIF and EIB to be involved in the OI sharing, because there will be many rejections in the H2020 Agenda, so I would like to see a plan for Open Innovation to design better modelling for inclusion planning after millions of entrepreneurs for example are boud to experience negative judgements on their inventions and endeavours - I want OI as the ultimate Ombudsman mediating ways into H2020 for everyone!

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I agree - thank you for continuing my previous comment. Now it's time to ensure the "Open Innovation literacy" i.e. that all stakeholders, from high-level decision makers up to the every evaluator and intermediary organisation has good understanding what Open Innovation 2.0 means in different context - and how to to promote OI-like behaviours and take "the most out of it" as business model.
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Innovation is to make things happen; this requires also open innovation processes to be experimented and tried in real world cases. An innovation process is a mash-up of different, often parallel activities where open Innovation has a key role to make the spark to haqppen in intersections.You mention different financing models; what is important is the seamless transition of the idea for innovaiton across these various complementing instruments, thus actually creating a seamless flow. The more fluid transition from project phases to others and the more fluid the cross fertilisation is the faster we have qualified guesses and even evidence of successful pathways.We can apply this thinking in actions which are part (or complemented by) actions from the H2020. 

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