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Household energy reporting promotes change


Providing people with information can encourage behavioural change. However, not all ways of conveying information to influence behaviour are equally effective.

A US company Opower provides consumers with a Home Energy Reporting Program, which includes comparative consumption information showing how households’ energy use compares with similar neighbours. This neighbourhood comparison is accompanied by personalised feedback on how the household uses energy and tailored suggestions on how to waste less energy and save money. This feedback is based on monthly and, increasingly, sub-monthly meter data, which enables Opower to provide consumers with more fine-grained information.

A number of independent evaluations have demonstrated consistent average energy savings in the order of two to three per cent.

If you received more information about your hourly home/office energy consumption would this help you to change in a positive/efficient way your energy consumption habits?

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Change can be induced in two ways. Firstly, at the day-to-day energy consumption level as your questions suggests.
Secondly, more significant effects might arise from providing information about the longer term impact of enhancing the energy efficiency of the building’s structure, these will also providing day-to-day benefits.
Behavioural change might be catalysed further if Energy Performance Certificates led to significant financial gain for building owners and residents. In the US the Energy Star labels have been shown to have an impact of between 2 and 5 per cent on rental premiums and sale price premiums rose by 13 to 18 per cent for the most energy efficient buildings.
This information could also have an impact in promoting energy efficiency.

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Very interesting statistics.  I wonder if anyone has examples?

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