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Electronics Community Discussion Group


The Electronics Community is set-up to actively solicit input, obtain feedback and give wider support of actors along the electronics value chain.

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Which eco-system in Europe?

Cooperation and partnerships - Which eco-system in Europe?

  • Value chain and Partnerships
  • Innovation chain
  • Role of SMEs
  • Clusters


Which longer term priorities for Europe?

Prepare the future - Which longer term priorities for Europe?

  • New opportunities
  • New technologies
  • Skills


Which investments in Europe?

Capacity - Which investments in Europe?

  • Is manufacturing a commodity?
  • Level Playing Field Investments
  • Smart specialisation
  • The role of Pilot Lines


Electronic Products and Markets

Electronic Products and Markets - Which markets for Europe?

  • Current trends
  • Commodity vs. niche markets
  • Application domains
  • Differentiating factor