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Electronic Products and Markets


Electronic Products and Markets - Which markets for Europe?

  • Current trends
  • Commodity vs. niche markets
  • Application domains
  • Differentiating factor


  • Current trends

Identified trends: cloud computing, mobile convergence, immediacy (IoT), smart systems everywhere, next generation wireless, security standards and energy efficiency. What will be the role of European industry in these near future developments? What is the role of fabless/IP providers/system design?

  • Commodity versus focus on niche markets

How will Europe capitalise on niche markets and ensure its presence when niche products become a commodity? Can Europe regain a share of commodity markets?

  • Application domains

What is the role of volume of production and the increasing costs of design?  And how to address bottlenecks? What is the European demand in advanced components and systems?  Which societal challenges will drive demand in Europe? Is there a role for public procurement? Does Europe need an application pull (to answer societal challenges) or technology centred (focusing on technology strengthening) strategy/roadmap?

  • Differentiating factor

Where does/can Europe make a difference? How can policies support growing and new markets benefiting/relying on electronic components and systems?

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