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New Principles for Responsible Innovation

Hello everyone,

I am Hilary Sutcliffe from a UK based Not for Profit called MATTER which focuses on Responsible Innovation. 

SRCR is fully acknowledged as one of the policy tools in the Better Regulation Agenda. How can we make the most out of it?

The European Commission recently adopted the Better Regulation (BR) Agenda. Covering the whole policy cycle, it acknowledges the need to combine optimally regulatory and well-designed non-regulatory means.

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Your suggestions for the next plenary meetings?

Share here the issues that you wish to explore further at the next plenaries...

Mapping Self- and Co-regulation Approaches in the EU Context

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This report presents a first mapping or inventory of the different approaches to self- and co-regulation (SCR) that can be found within the EU context, in a number of Member States (MS) and international organizations. The report consists of four sections. Whereas the first section provides an introduction to the study, Section 2 provides a detailed overview of the EU approaches to self- and co-regulation.

Successful Partnerships

Quite interesting article on essential principles of success in cooperative voluntarism.

Share your comments and ideas on a future “decision support tool” for starting any SR/CR initiative

One of the key conclusions of the 2nd CoP plenary meeting is that the issue of having the process right from the very beginning is a crucial factor for success. The principles are essential but non-sufficient on their own and their pragmatic application must be enhanced.

Let's innovate the "business of regulation"!

Modern data analytics and decision-making techniques can benefit the regulatory process just as they have benefitted almost every business sector and industry.

Potential areas for future SR/CR actions in e-commerce & retail sectors?

Following the outcome of the CoP Inaugural Meeting and its online interactive follow-up, we have reviewed potential areas for SR/CR actions within the e-commerce and retail sectors. The attached Memo aims at offering the CoP members some food for thought and avenues for further exchanges...

Follow-up panel 1 of the Inaugural Meeting: Mapping knowledge base

You are invited to start crowding sources in, and enrich our network of knowledge base.  The fields you can mention in your comment may include the name, the author, the publication date, some keywords, a link if any and the type - Data, Analytic, Research, Know-how or Link.

Follow-up panel 2 of the Inaugural meeting: Results on the vote on issues and sectors for attention


Members of the CoP platform were invited to select cross-cutting issues and sectors in order to identify the next priority work packages for the Community.

The votes are now closed - thank you very much for your input!

Follow-up panel 3 of the Inaugural meeting: Success factors

You are invited to confirm or add elements, and provide views and comments on the set of identified success factors of self- and co-regulation activities, listed in the attached document.

Scope of discussion/CoP

To get the discussion going - and provide some scope - could EU definitions of "Self- and Co-regulation", as well as "social dialogue" and "standardisation" be posted of the CoP forum/ website? 


Open method of coordination (OMC) is primarily about encouraging cooperation, exchange of best practices, agreeing common targets and guidelines among Member States. Commission plays a coordination role.

Is security certification enough for cloud computing?

Regarding cloud, everybody is talking a lot about develop new certification schemes suitable for cloud services, but would they be enough?

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This forum is the place to start or join conversations on specific SR/CR initiatives, documents or around a topic of your choice with other members of the Community.

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