Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Digital Action Day

This Community is the place to debate the Digital Action Day workshops
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The Digital Agenda Day workshops focus on the contribution of digital technologies to traditional industries such as transportadvanced manufacturing, energy, education and health.

  • Q&A - Extra topics - Discuss the plenary
  • Workshop 1 - Industrial digital strategy: A key to competitiveness in Europe (#DAD14industry)
  • Workshop 2 - SMEs, digital entrepreneurship and Startup Europe: Stimulating Hubs For Startups and Scaling up Industries (#DAD14sme)
  • Workshop 3 - Civic engagement: Smart government and smart cities, the solution? (#DAD14smart)
  • Workshop 4 - The Media go Digital: Ingredients for success (#DAD14media)
  • Workshop 5 - Does Europe have the digital skills to succeed? (#DAD14skills)
  • Workshop 6 - Making it in the Digital Single Market: Service sector transformation and opportunities for businesses and consumers (#DAD14dsm)

The online discussion aims to open up the debate that will take place at the workshops by engaging new people and bring forward new ideas. The results of this discussion will be presented at each workshop.