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EU-funded projects win award for innovation in research libraries

SPIRL 2013 prize awarded the Stanford Prize for Innovation in Research Libraries

Two leading European digital libraries, founding members of the EU-funded IMPACT Centre of Competence on digitisation and active partners in the EU SUCCEED project have been awarded the Stanford Prize for Innovation in Research Libraries (SPIRL). The winners were chosen from 24 libraries worldwide (see the full list). 

Two projects managed by the Bibliothèque nationale de FranceGallica Library  and Discovery Service were termed "a wonderful and inspiring example of how to transform a great national library to expand its relevance as national and international cultural treasure in the digital age." by Richard E. Luce (Associate V-P, Professor, and Dean of Libraries at the University of Oklahoma) (See judges' full comments.)

The other winner was the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, qualified by Dame Lynne Brindley (Chair, Former CEO at The British Library) as "simply an inspirational model for us all." (See judges' full comments.)

This prize highlights the work Europe is doing to digitise its vast and rich cultural heritage and make our treasures accessible to all. The IMPACT Centre of Competence contributes by making the digitisation faster, better and cheaper. It was supported by the European Union at the start of FP7 and currently through the Support Action Centre of Competence in Digitisation (SUCCEED).

These initiatives support the execution of the Commission Recommendation on Digitisation by contributing to optimising the use of Europe's digitisation resources.


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