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CAPS projects

Overview of topics that the CAPS projects address
CAPS topics
Projects selected under the first call of objective 5.5. CAPS – Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation and objective 1.7b – Internet Science
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We launched a call for proposals, under objective 5.5 of ICT Workprogramme 2013, as a result of which the projects listed below have been selected and are currently under negotiation. We're offering a support to research projects carried out by consortia with participants from different countries, aiming at developing new knowledge, new technology, products, demonstration activities or common resources for research.

For most of them a public presentation, and the contact of the coordinator are available. Links to projects' websites will be added as soon as available.

Research Projects for Grass Roots Experiments and Pilots

DecarboNet: Raising collective awareness about environmental challenges

CAP4ACCESS: Collectively removing barriers to inclusion

CATALYST: Experimenting new collective forms of creativity and collaboration

Wikirate: Enabling citizens to rate companies on corporate social responsibility

D-CENT: New tools for direct democracy, participation, new economic models




Seed Funding for Social Innovation Activities

CHEST: Seed funding for digital social innovation based on the network effect


Coordination and Support Actions

Web-COSI: Increasing trust in collectively-generated statistics

Ia4Si: Impact assessment of collective awareness platforms

CAP2020: Increasing awareness of the potential of the network effect

SciCafe 2.0: Promoting new collaboration models



Digital Social Innovation


More projects and initiatives driving sustainable behaviours.

Last updated on 04/03/2015