Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

CAF Working Groups

The main task of the Advisory Groups is to give advice to Commission services on relevant H2020 objectives and scientific, technological and innovation priorities as well as on broader policies issues related to the Digital Agenda for Europe.
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Most of the reflection and analysis regarding the orientations of the Horizon 2020 work-programmes will take place in dedicated Working Groups (WG).  The resulting reports or position papers should feed into the broader discussion on orientations and on broader issues to be carried out in the plenary meetings.

Horizon 2020 Working Groups

The delivery of our proposal for the Horizon 2020 work-programmes 2014-15 is planned for the third trimester of this year. This means that the dialogue with the Advisory Groups will be taking place in parallel with the discussion within Commission services. Under these special circumstances, the CAF contribution will be more focused on the validation and refinement of "orientations" for WP2014-15, and the discussion of its implementation.

In this context, following the discussion at the 1st plenary meeting of the CAF it was decided to focus on the following three working groups (WGs):

  1. Leadership in Enabling Industrial Technologies (LEIT-ICT)
  2. ICT in societal challenges
  3. Innovation  

Internet of Things Stakeholder Group

The Internet of Things Stakeholders Group should advise on EU policy and research initiatives having an impact in the development and deployment of IoT.

The new IoT Stakeholders Group would help ensure that the IoT perspective is consistently taken into account in EU policy making and implementation while also building coalition between industry and Member States on future IoT development. The group will build on the work already undertaken by the group of experts on Internet of Things and the results of the policy consultation process.

This group would work in a longer term perspective, integrate research and regulatory aspects, including ethics and privacy and build as appropriate on the result of the three other WGs.