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Broadband for all via satellite

Satellite broadband is available now to provide fast internet connectivity throughout every European Member State.

Broadband For All


Satellite Broadband, also referred to as internet-by-satellite, is a high-speed bi-directional Internet connection made via communications satellites instead of a telephone landline or other terrestrials means. Today satellite broadband is completely comparable with DSL broadband in terms of both performance and cost, with commercial offerings of 20 Mbps often with triple play (internet, TV and voice with the same internet).

Whilst fibre offers superior performance, it typically takes time and is more expensive to roll out and so will not be available to all users within a reasonable time frame. On the contrary, satellite solutions are available immediately: the only broadband solution for those who live in areas without or with slow terrestrial or wireless / mobile broadband access.

Affordable and easy to install

Satellite broadband is extremely cost effective, with monthly subscriptions comparable with (and often better than) equivalent performance ADSL offers. Users receive a dish and modem and can either install these themselves, or alternatively call on a the expertise of a vast network of highly trained engineers. The average purchase price across the EU for consumer equipment is 350€. This initial cost is eligible for European public funding and some Member States / regions have used this opportunity to close their digital divides cost-effectively & quickly, such as Auvergne in France, Piemonte in Italy, Scotland or Galicia in Spain.

About the technology

Connecting to the Internet via satellite means installing a small satellite dish outside your house, flat, school or other building. As long as the dish can see the sky, you should easily be able to connect to the Internet. The satellite modem needs to be plugged into your computer. No telephone connection is required. The dish can be installed by homeowners directly or by a professional installer. The quality of service is comparable to DSL and users can access a full range of Internet applications such as surfing the web, emailing, VOIP, downloading music or watching videos.

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