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Broadband Europe provides expert support and allows to showcase and share best practices in the field of broadband technology and application.
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Broadband Europe is specifically addressed to citizens as well as to local decision-makers, NGOs, civil servants, etc. who wish to take an active part in making the objectives of the EU – i.e. giving access to 30 Mbps connectivity to every European and half of the households a subscription at 100 Mbps by 2020 – a success.

Citizens, industry representatives, public authorities, representatives from  civil society organisations and researchers are invited to participate in the Public Consultation on the Needs for Internet Speed and Quality Beyond 2020 that has been launched by the European Commission on 11 September an will end on 7 December 2015. The Commission will then analyse the results, identify challenges and present a proposal to address them.

Its interactive functionalities also allow an exchange of experiences and to showcase best practice projects.

Broadband Europe also hosts the Europe-wide competition for a European Broadband Award aimed at identifying the five best projects of high-speed broadband networks.


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Broadband Europe discussions

The discussion group on Broadband Europe provides broadband stakeholders in Member States the opportunity to exchange experiences about national broadband plans, regulatory affairs and local initiatives. Users can also follow the Broadband Europe awards competition by joining this group.