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Joran FRIK
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European Commission and Member States organised an event bringing together the private sector to consider how best to benefit from the new Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services (...
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I recently had the privilege of moderating an e-SENS (Electronic Simple European Networked Services) project event in Luxembourg. There was a number of interesting insights that I took from the event...
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The cooperation between member states is good. The meeting confirms ITU's willingness to work on issues of Internet governance within its remit and within the existing ecosystem.
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13/11/2014, Brussels: The first EU workshop on spectrum requirements for 5G: EU research, regulators and policy makers get together in a vibrant debate!
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On Tuesday 18 November Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) organizes the annual ICT conference. This year's edition will focus on innovation and its role in transforming public...
Vladimir BATAEV
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MobiCloud project encourages startups and university students to challenge the problems faced by the construction industry and take part in this mobile app competition, which has already attracted...
Silvestro MICERA
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Continuous and intensive multi-disciplinary research is the secret of innovative solutions able to change our lives
António CUNHA
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Coimbra is Portugal's city of reference for health. It provides healthcare services through the largest hospital in the country and it's where a lot of academic work and advanced research...
Pedro MALÓ
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Audio and acoustic technologies are a niche area of European research and innovation breakthroughs. Can we now tackle acoustic sensing and intelligent acoustics and reach more innovation, jobs and...
Andrus ANSIP
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I am Andrus Ansip and have been designated as the European Commission's vice-president for the digital single market. This is a great challenge, one I could not refuse. It's a challenge...