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Katarzyna SZKUTA
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If you’re carrying out a project in the field of Digital Skills and Jobs, put your initiative on the map of the DAE! The most relevant, novel and impactful initiatives will be presented at the...
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Brain Neural Computer Interface (BNCI) is a novel method of interacting with IT systems, bringing new possibilities to severely impaired people as our fiction character, Veronika. In effect, it is a...
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Blog by Professor António Dourado, coordinator of the EPILEPSIAE project. This EU funded project (FP7) has done a lot of research to make prediction of epileptic seizures possible and is trying to...
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TEFIS is a portal for easy access to different Future Internet experimentation services
Alina SENN
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My colleagues and I in our CREATIVITY unit in Luxembourg welcome the broad interest in RePlay and hope for very promising technological and scientific results of the project.
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If you wish to be part of this platform, tell us so and respond to the Call before 24 May 2013.
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The IRATI project, a US / Europe, is setting out to build a new, better protocol for the Internet as we know it.
Alexander BERLER
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Having the honour to collect the HealthTech Innovation Award for epSOS
Libor KRAL
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Imagine a world where, every day, you wake up in the morning and find the breakfast table already set and the house tidied up. A special treat by your fairy god mother? Not quite; try Roby and Rosy,...
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DG CONNECT moves to a 100% digital, paper-free communication strategy.