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Eldad LOUW
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While manufacturing is still one of the most important pillars of the European economy, contributing billions in GDP and providing millions of jobs, European manufacturers are facing increasing...
Jonathan GRAY
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This is a guest blog post written by Jonathan Gray, Director of Policy and Ideas at the Open Knowledge Foundation. He asks what information needs to be released to enable more democratic engagement...
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The Safer Internet Forum which was held last week in Brussels was a great opportunity to discuss open questions and concrete ways forward for a Better Internet for Kids. Speakers represented European...
Alessandra BAGNATO
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Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post written by Dr. A. Bagnato, Project Manager at Softeam.
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During the ICT2013 Conference, OISPG members will be participating in the Panel discussions and will be present at Booth 11. OISPG Publications can be found also in the Networking areas. The OISPG...
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The Human Brain Project (HBP) sailed off and is now currently underway. Scientists from 135 different groups from the whole world got together in Lausanne from 7th to 10th October 2013 to celebrate...
Sabine Ingrid POSDZIECH
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We are a step further! As part of the implementation of the EU Cloud Strategy a Cloud Select Industry Group has been set up to identify main challenges and possible solutions in the areas of...
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Exhibitors! Promote your conference exhibit using the societies relevance App!!
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On 2nd of October I took part in a very stimulating event organised by the five Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs): Clean Sky, Innovative Medicines Initiative, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, ENIAC and...
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Venture capitalists engaged into COWIN activities will support entrepreneurs in Smart Systems. In this forum 11 SMEs with technology developed in FP7 projects will try to convince 17 Venture...