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The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding by the National Digital Coaliton partners took place during ICT2013 conference "CREATE,CONNECT, GROW" in Vilnius on November 7th. A...
Fabrizio SESTINI
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News about the next call of Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation at ICT2013 and related activities.
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Modern equipment (cars, airplanes, wafer steppers, automatic baggage handling) is nowadays highly computerized. While designing these, one needs deep knowledge of computer programming and how the...
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Smart solutions for green buildings, eco-innovative technologies with focus on the user comfort and adaptation- all of these are nowadays challenges in the area of building automation and control...
Andreas ECKEL
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Ground-breaking safety-relevant technology used in safety-relevant data communication has successfully been developed within European Union (EU) funded research projects. Applications range from...
Cristina SILVANO
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Embedded computing touches every aspect of our lives: domestic appliances, mobile telephony, cars, aircraft, television, the internet, traffic management, security systems and power management, to...
Eldad LOUW
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While manufacturing is still one of the most important pillars of the European economy, contributing billions in GDP and providing millions of jobs, European manufacturers are facing increasing...
Jonathan GRAY
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This is a guest blog post written by Jonathan Gray, Director of Policy and Ideas at the Open Knowledge Foundation. He asks what information needs to be released to enable more democratic engagement...
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The Safer Internet Forum which was held last week in Brussels was a great opportunity to discuss open questions and concrete ways forward for a Better Internet for Kids. Speakers represented European...
Alessandra BAGNATO
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Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post written by Dr. A. Bagnato, Project Manager at Softeam.