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I am sorry we can't send personal "Thank you!" notes to all those who spent their time answering our survey of external stakeholders, but I wanted to share with you what we conclude...
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DG Connect has just launched a public online consultation on the way its various organisational divisions intend to use qualitative and quantitative data to measure efforts and outcomes in their...
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The Code of EU online rights has been published today as part of the Digital Agenda for Europe actions. The Code compiles the rights and principles under EU legislation protection EU citizens and...
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Light and optics in secondary schools now brought by 'Photonics Explorer'
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You are public procurers, managers of private websites, web developers? Let's do something that makes a difference.
Marta AnnaBULIK
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Under the Factories of the Future initiative the Commission offers funding via its ICT Programme.The goal is to create a network of specialist centres that will work with software developers to make...
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Alessandro Moschitti, Assistant Professor at the Information Engineering and Computer Science Department of the University of Trento - Italy, speaks about his experiences on the Watson Jeopardy!...
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European Health and care services are mostly in the hands of regional authorities. They are decisive for the success of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA)....


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