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Joining forces with the regions for a strong industrial base in the European Member States
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European Investor Gate is about to launch their 2nd e-Pitch session. Get involved now!
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Deployment of broadband gets cheaper and it can now connect even the most remote villages! This doesn't only mean that the high-speed Internet will be accessible by more people. It's also...
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The StartUp Europe Roadshow is still rolling. Catch up with past and upcoming events now.
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REACTION cares about the quality of life of people with diabetes.
Marta AnnaBULIK
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When we are in the car, plane or train we are normally too busy to wonder how they work. We cannot imagine that many aspects of our everyday life, like different means of transport or factory plants...
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I have been reflecting on how we have been listening to citizens, businesses, and, of course, our Member States over the past year as we put together our package on the Single Telecoms Market.
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In a week's time Europeans will vote for a new European Parliament and this autumn a new Commission will take up its functions. With a whole new digital mandate to deliver, crucial choices...
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In Europe most of the companies are still focusing on the internal innovation processes by organising competitions and innovation challenges. Nevertheless, in much lesser extent they are using...
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Nonna Lea is an outspoken lady of 94 years from Rome. She lives together with Mister Robin. Today the European Council decided to continue the Ambient Assisted Living programme for another seven...


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