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Alexander PEINE
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Innovation of digital technologies and ICTs provide ample opportunities to improve active and healthy ageing, and transform the nature of health care. Most of these innovations, of which myriads are...
Roberto VIOLA
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Communications networks will play an even more important role in our economies as the number of objects connected to the internet increases. Here some rather technical thoughts that came to my mind...
Roberto VIOLA
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Today is my first day as Director General of DG CONNECT.
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This EU funded project came up with new ways through which robots can autonomously acquire an increasingly large amount of knowledge and skills
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If there is a common message from the European events on eHealth that I have attended recently, it is that patients are increasingly expecting to have more say in their personal healthcare, with the...
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CTIC Plant VR automatically transforms 3D CAD designs into virtual reality scenarios ready to use in virtual reality devices. With this system, you will be able to navigate through an immersive...
Pedro LIMA
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Two EU-funded projects bring robots to our service. Whether it is at home, at work or in a hospital, they will soon be a part of our life.
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Preterm birth is a vast global phenomenon, not without consequences. It is associated with an increased risk of brain damage and neurodevelopmental deficit. BabyLux – An Optical Neuro-Monitor of...
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How to build a tiny intelligent camera that can be placed anywhere and see for us? Eyes of Things (EoT) is developing a platform for embedded computer vision that will allow innovative products and...
Nikolaos ISARIS
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"Citadel on the Move" offers an online platform which allows citizens to use Open Data provided by their cities to develop mobile applications