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BackHome: technological assistance in the transition from hospital to home for patients with severe disabilities

Hi, my name is Paul*. I’m 30 years old and just suffered a stroke with serious consequences that, for now at least, prevent me from being independent. I’m about to leave the hospital where I was admitted several months ago to finally return home, and there I’ll have the help of Amanda, a highly trained care professional that will help me to adapt to my new life. Furthermore, I have been invited to take part in a research project that, according to doctors, may assist me with my rehabilitation, helping me to be more independent and to complete my daily activities, thanks to new technologies. This will benefit people in the future as well.

I’m talking about BackHome, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union and led by


Visit the "Open Source Software: Peeking Backstage" exhibition booth at ICT2013 in Vilnius

The EC FP7 projects OSSMETER/MARKOS/PROSE projects are proud to host the "Open Source Software: Peeking Backstage"  exhibition booth at the ICT 2013 event in the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO in Vilnius, 6-8 November 2013.

ICT 2013 is the premier EU event on ICT research & innovation with more than 4000 attendees expected, it is considered the kick-off event for the next big EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, named Horizon 2020.

The exhibition has five thematic areas and OSSMETER/MARKOS/PROSE will be located in the the “Intelligence connecting Intelligence” zone (cluster 4). Our booth number is 4A10.

As this is a joint exhibition by different projects funded within the FP7-ICT programme, we shall be able to


OISPG welcomes the ICT2013 participants to Open Innovation 2.0

The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) will be present during the ICT2013 Conference in Vilnius with the aim to introduce the innovation evolution in the Open Innovation 2.0 Paradigm. The OISPG members are working together towards creating an ecosystem where things can really happen and where ideas become reality with the


The Human Brain Project begins: Unravelling the future of neuroscience, computing and medicine.


This EU funded FET Flagship will run for 10 years with a budget of 1.2 billion euro. It should deliver an integrative view of neuroscience with a better understanding of how the brain works; a future medicine in which one should be able to develop techniques for the objective diagnosis of brain's diseases, to understand the underlying mechanisms and speed up the research for new treatment and finally, develop a new generation of brain-inspired computers.


Visualising the Human Brain has already started.

In its first


What's new with the EU Cloud Computing Strategy?

Monitoring the progress of a strategy as novel and complex as the EU's Cloud Computing strategy is no easy task. That's what makes today's meeting of the Cloud Select Industry Group (C-SIG) (with the participation of Cloud service providers, equipment vendors, telcos and user groups) all the more important. This is the first plenary C-SIG meeting this year, which will rely on the conclusions reached by the subgroups, that have been set up to help out in its difficult mission.

The C-SIG was created to provide independent validation and advice on cloud computing-related proposals. Its members are representatives of major European and multi-national companies and organisations with

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ICT2013 Exhibitors! Promote your conference exhibit using the societies relevance App.

The FP7 SOCIETIES project  has built a prototype conference Android application that will enable ICT2013 delegates to discover and connect with relevant EXHIBIT stands, conference events and other delegates through our ‘like-minded, purpose-driven communities of interest’ concept. We are deploying this Relevance application to a large number of conference delegates who are participating in our user trial at ICT2013.

And now we need your help!!

Would you like to promote your conference EXHIBIT through our Relevance App?

If so, please REGISTER and give us your EXHIBIT specific information by going to


Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post.

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Innovation in Action

This event (called 'Innovation in Action') was timely, as the Council and Parliament are currently discussing the European Commission’s proposals on JTIs under Horizon 2020. The debate, which took place in the European Parliament, focused on how these JTIs have helped to improve Europeans’ quality of life and Europe's competitiveness.

In case you don't know what the "JTIs" are,


Building tomorrow’s e-commerce. Attend the workshop!

If you are looking for answers on specific questions such as: “How much is it to go eCommerce?”, “How to manage a successful growth when I am online?”, look no further and come to our workskop on the 14th of October.

What is on purpose?

We will bring together entrepreneurs, e-commerce specialist and members of the European commissions in order to identify and discuss key remaining barriers, from the creation of the ecommerce website to the management of a successful growth.
The debate will be fueled by the results of the online survey we launched in July, for example:
•    1 entrepreneur surveyed out of 3 said that he hired new personnel to go eCommerce. What are the specific competencies needed to launch an ecommerce activity?
•    From our survey, 68% rate as hard or medium the


Helping to translate research into growth and jobs

I am impatiently waiting for the arrival of the 10th of October. On that day the COWIN Investment Place will take place. Ten companies will present their plans to develop and introduce in the market innovative products in front of a group of at least fifteen Venture Capitals (VCs). The goals of the ten companies are to convince some of the VCs to invest in their companies.

This type of event is not new in Europe although it is much less frequent than in the USA or Canada. What makes it different is the source of the technology. These companies will present technologies developed through   the ICT programs of the Framework Programme for Research 6 and 7 (FP6 and FP7), specifically in the topic of Microsystems and Electronic Components. Using those


Take part in the final OpenChina-ICT conference!

If you are coming to ICT2013 in Vilnius, you could also take part in the Final OpenChina-ICT Conference in Vilnius

The OpenChina Final Conference will take place on November 5, 2013 in Vilnius at the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, i.e. the day before the launch of the European Commission’s ICT 2013 Event.

The objectives of this Final Conference are to:
•    Bring together policy and research stakeholders from Europe and China,
•    Present the project final results,
•    Promote EU-China ICT research cooperation and
•    Provide recommendations

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