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Tweetchat on 30 June: How can we keep the Digital Agenda digital?

Tweetchat on 30 June: How can we keep the Digital Agenda digital?
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--- Posted by Robert Madelin, DG INFSO Director General

During the 1st Digital Agenda Assembly I noticed that online engagement is worth the effort. We have collected hundreds of positive feedbacks and constructive ideas from stakeholders and friends on twitter and other online platforms.

I'd like to go a step further now and I would appreciate to get your views on how we could deploy online engagement activities up to a greater extent in the future; in other words: "How can we keep the Digital Agenda digital?"

I believe that engaging in a conversation on Twitter is constructive. Therefore I have scheduled a Tweetchat on Thursday 30 June from 11:45 to 12:30. Please tell all stakeholders and people committed to achieve the Digital Agenda for Europe to join the chat. I am very much looking forward to this online discussion!

My personal twitter account is @eurohumph but I will be using @DigitalAgendaEU on Thursday. If you want to give inputs or ask questions, just use #daechat when typing your tweet. The key INFSO colleagues will be joining in, too, so I'm looking forward to a strategy-building exchange on Thursday...

Last updated on 02/04/2015


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Hi Robert, Thought I'd leave your question until I had an idea of the tools you were using. Seems twitter, facebook, blogs are the EC fashion, goodoh! The "follow online" index is a great idea, especially as the teams go through the local/euro roadshows. I'd put the "scoreboard" (off the index) into the "library" directory though, along with the "download data" (stats and tools), docs. It would also be good to see the various discussions going on in each community of interest before one joins. It's also hard to see where an interested party would be led from this page to this one. I can only suggest that you ask the Matildas to stand back and take a look at the big DA picture. Otherwise this is (going to) getting very messy to follow, especially as the local series of events happen. E.g. You've got pointers to the locals. Good. But eventually you'll have to bring the discussions in each together (under each "pillar" i guess), so we can identify the common themes and compare local priorities. You might want to try and use a Linkedin forum as the user groups are more in keeping with your target audience than facebook. Using one forum for each of "the 8 pillars" discussions, might help users track the feedback in each country. At least put the link from each local page to a common group of "pillar" threads, so we don't have orphans everywhere. I say 8 as your enquiries sits in the context of what your peers in others countries are doing. Putting International at the end of the list simply explains the EC institutional funding arrangements, and (perceived) mindset. You can't expect the techically minded (particularly) to get involved when there's no hope of bringing a conservative european mindset to an understanding of a more progressive US culture. There is a reason why there are no international European Social Network tool providers. i.e. Their funders don't take an international perspective to the development of social networks. Regardless,the tools are not that important. It's the way that content is aggregated and diseminated that it, and w're all learning. Give the team my regards. BTW. You might point at this pillar's forum when you issue an invitation like this. People might like to follow it:) All the best.