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IPv6: More than a reality, a necessity!

--- Posted by Jacques Babot, DG INFSO, Policy expert in IPv6, Workshop organiser at the Digital Agenda Assembly

The internet is expanding and billions of IP addresses will be necessary to connect every conceivable device (fridges, cars, dishwashers, etc.) to the internet in the future. For this reason Ipv6 was created more then ten years ago. But as the IPv4 address pool is running out, we are observing that the adoption of IPv6 is too slow.

Not adopting IPv6 could have disastrous consequences: negative impact on growth and innovation, slow down of internet development and even maybe market distortion. The deployment of IPv6 in Europe is a key priority. We are therefore inviting key stakeholders to share their views on IPv6 and seek the way forward to tackle the challenges ahead at the Digital Agenda Assembly where there will be a workshop especially dedicated to the deployment of IPv6. We hope to gather useful recommendations and strategic ideas in order to increase the pace of the IPv6 take-up in Europe.

IPv6 is the way forward – do it now! Have your say on Twitter by following #daa11ipv6


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Es muy cierto más que una realidad es una necesidad y a su vez también una realidad, aquí os dejo mi blog con las actividades que vamos realizando saludos
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Congratulation Luisa! Hope in the coming weeks more and more will become IPv6 evengelist!
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IPv4 offered around 4.3 billion unique addresses and it is out of IP addresses now. The big giants like Facebook and Google have already shifted to IPv6. End-users with old hardware will need special software to use IPv6. As the mobile devices are increasing and internet usage requires more unique addresses for each device. Assignments Writing Services