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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

ICT Proposers' Day 2012 in Warsaw attracts more than 1500 participants from all over the world

--- Posted by the DG CONNECT's team responsible for ICT Proposer's Day

Last week we were in Warsaw for ICT Proposers' Day – the major networking event to promote ICT research and development in Europe. More than 1500 participants from all over the world were present.

The two-day information fair took place at the International Expocentre and was organized into five thematic villages grouping the main topics of the ICT Work Programme 2013.                    

There were several networking villages: Net futures; Components and Excellence, Media & Data, Low carbon economy and People. There was a networking session for each of the objectives during which proposers could present their ideas for projects. Between 200 and 300 proposers attended each of the interactive sessions. Moreover, several information sessions gave tips on how to best prepare and submit a project proposal.

The aim of ICT Proposers' Day 2012 was to provide up-to-date information on the research challenges and objectives of the ICT Work Programme 2013 as well as create opportunities to meet potential partners. In every networking village, objective booths served as meeting points for participants interested in the same research topics. Additionally, European Commission officials were on hand to give information about the content of the calls for proposals.

A very popular part of ICT proposers' Day 2012 was the Face to Face brokerage event. These pre-arranged bilateral meetings between proposers attracted 450 participants. In total 1,860 meetings were set up. Talking time was strictly limited to 15 minutes, which led one of the participants to conclude on our Twitter wall that "the face to face meeting is like speed dating for companies". Needless to say, this reflects the dynamism of the event.

Observing all the active interactions that took place in Warsaw, we hope that participants found the answers they were looking for and that many valuable partnerships were established during these two days. We look forward to organizing the next ICT Proposers' Day! If you were in Warsaw we look forward to getting your feedback!


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