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How to build trust in the Digital World?

If you wish to be part of this platform, tell us so and respond to the Call before 24 May 2013.

Have you ever thought about how little we know about the technologies we use every day and yet how indiscriminately we trust them? And in fact, this concerns society as a whole, as we all swiftly move towards the digital world.

Society and the relations between its individual members and institutions are built on Trust as we all often have to accept the truth of statements and trustworthiness of tools without further evidence. This is particularly true in the digital world where the underlying technologies are too complex to be understood by most of us. However, in the absence of simple ways to measure security, each of us has to trust (or at least know when to distrust) the online services we use, even though they affect very sensitive areas, such as health, critical infrastructures or digital identities.

This is why we need to address trust and security both technologically and at the policy level. On the technological level, security and privacy-by-design are what we should be aiming at. On the policy level we must find the combination of our needs as individuals (freedom, privacy and data protection) with our vision of society (solidarity, security). At the same time we want to foster innovation and competition, and help all relevant partners in the Member States and in the private sector to pursue economic growth and creation of new jobs.

This is why last Friday at the Trust in the Digital World Conference we launched a call for interest for stakeholders to join the Network and Information Security Platform in order to identify good cyber security practices across the value chain and to create favourable market conditions for secure ICT solutions. This platform is in line with our Cyber Security Strategy and the proposed Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive.



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Hey,I want to join this platform so ,How can I join it?Do reply as I am not getting any information regarding it.
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Hello, more information on how to participate in the Network and Information Security Platform is available on the call for interest page

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I don't think you can build trust in a digital world. I would rather say that trust is the basis for a dgital world. Trust is the #1 value, for example, for companies like Google or Facebook: if you don't trust their services, you would never use them, either to search information or to share data with your friends.

trust should come firts. Then you build the relationship.

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