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Do you want to illuminate the European Commission? Here's your chance!

--- Posted by Thomas Skordas, DG INFSO, Head of the Photonics Unit


NB - Please note that:

- the deadline for submission of proposals has been extended to 31 May.

- Pictures and  plan of the area to be covered together with a FAQ document has been made available as a follow up to the visit to the ground floor of the Berlaymont building the 17th April. 

- A second visit to the ground floor of the Berlaymont building will be organised on 16 may 10:00 CET.

All the information can be found at


My team and I who are working in the Photonics' unit of the European Commission, have the great pleasure to invite you to illuminate the European Commission's headquarters. And this is not a joke!

Literally, we would like you to sponsor a pilot action for the installation of an innovative lighting solution at the Berlaymont, the main building of the European Commission which hosts President Barroso's and other Commissioners offices, and which receives around 700 guests and visitors per day.

The pilot will be installed on the ground floor of the Berlaymont and will cover an indoor area which is highly visible by everybody entering the premises. It could also comprise ceiling or wall lighting, and it may also be about lighting solutions which are detached from the fixed infrastructure of the building e.g. decorative lighting.

These innovative lighting solutions have to be based on fully tested but not yet fully commercialised Solid State Lighting technologies (SSL), which you may know better as LEDs and/or OLEDs. They also have to be based, as much as possible, on European technologies.

More details on this call for sponsors are available here: Call for proposal and model contract.

You have until 31 May to get in touch with us and to submit your proposal! We will organise a visit of the ground floor of the Berlaymont building for all interested potential sponsors on 17 April 2012.

This call is seen as being part of the European Commission's efforts to promote the wider deployment of advanced SSL technologies and more specifically, in the context of the Green Paper "Lighting the Future", which was published in December 2011.

My team and I are looking forward to receiving extraordinary applications and to working in closer contact with you! Illuminating the European Commission is something we can only achieve together!


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Hello I receive your info from a business relation, Mrs. Catherine Lootens from Groenlicht Vlaanderen. I would like to receive more info on this project. We are interesting to participate to your project. We wish to have more detailed info on: who, what, how, when,...? Looking forward to receive your reply. Best regards, Anh Le Hong
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Dear Anh,   You have until the 31st of May to submit a proposal. As detailed in this blog post, all the necessary information (how? what? when? where? ...) are available here: Best,
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the vision began by the European Network in Light-Ion. information and communication experts and engineers from Europe came for workshop to help European efforts in radiation using light-ion beams for cancer Following a welcome from Scientific Officer .

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Thank you for this chance! I am sure that many will take it!
I want to read more!