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Joan Cabestany
10/04/2015 - 12:38

REMPARK: a "Holter monitor" for Parkinson's disease

Imagine that it is possible to make a continuous follow-up process of the evolution of the symptoms associated to Parkinson’s disease. And even more, imagine that this process can be done in ambulatory conditions, while patients are doing their normal activities. The REMPARK project is making this real, proposing a new medical device; I like to define it the Holter for Parkinson disease, you will understand why.


The REMPARK project will finish at the end of April 2015, after a piloting phase involving 45 patients, who tested the system. They wore a waist sensor which detects, stores and sends to a server, the main symptoms associated to the disease, such as Dyskinesia (involuntary muscle movements), Bradykinesia (slow movements), Freezing of Gait (FoG -temporary and involuntary inability

08/04/2015 - 13:20

eID: it's all about trust, security and convenience

The day – very ably chaired by Robin Walker (Identity Assurance EU Affairs Lead, UK GDS) - was opened by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther H. Oettinger. He outlined the importance of trust, security and convenience for both business and customers as necessary conditions for enjoying online transactions. The eIDAS Regulation is already a major step towards a connected Digital Single Market, he said, as framework helping to boost trust, security and convenience online for government, businesses and consumers, but engagement with stakeholders is key to

02/04/2015 - 14:17

From Barcelona to Brussels, building the momentum for network technologies

The last few weeks have been intense as far as network technologies are concerned with two significant announcements and milestones during two conferences: Mobile World Congress 2015 and Netfutures 2015.

From 2 to 5 March, Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona. It was the tenth edition, and more than ever the global highlight for the telecom industry. According to GSMA, the organisers, 94,000 attended the conference including 5,000 CEOs and close to 400 media analysts. There were as usual a series of announcements, like Samsung galaxy S6 and Samsung Pay, a new phone by Alcatel called Idol, or Nokia and NTT DoCoMo announcing they have reached speeds of above 2Gbs in their 5G test.

In fact 5G was the biggest theme at MWC this year, thanks notably to the Commission

02/04/2015 - 14:16

Smartphones: Follow or forget the rules!

I had the privilege to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on 2-5 March 2015. It was an immersive experience in the largest world event on mobile communications (93.000 visitors, 2000 exhibitors); you feel that all around you is mobility, connectivity and smartness.  Everyone who is someone in mobile networking was there with the notable exception of Apple.  A calculated strategy for the company that generates more business with smartphones and a recurrent topic of discussion in the event.

The  'Mobile' counted with the presence of Philip VI, King of Spain, and Mark Zuckerberg, 'King' of Facebook, but the star of the event was the 'Smartphone'.  I would have personally preferred to hear from the "visionary" speakers how the smartX of 2030 will be (by then

30/03/2015 - 17:31

Ageing in the workplace: Existing evidence and the need for further research

This is a guest blog post written by Martijntje Bakker, member of the management team of ZonMw (the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) and GA member of the Joint Programming Initiative  "More Years Better Lives"

At the European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, on March 9th, I chaired a session organised by the Joint Programming Initiative ‘More Years Better Lives’ (JPI MYBL) on the topic of ageing in the workplace. We had four intriguing contributions discussing the topic from different angles that I would like to share with you.

The JPI More Years Better Lives first

30/03/2015 - 16:03

Inside the cross-EU digital public services at CeBIT2015!

What a fast-paced, energetic and ambitious week at CeBIT (16-20 March 2015)!

The biggest ICT event in Europe hosted e-SENS, e-CODEX and the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF DSIs - Digital Service Infrastructures) programme, showcased some exciting solutions for modernising public administration around Europe.

I had the privilege of managing the Large Scale Projects (LSP) booth during the event, which showcased the EU Commission’s investment on cross-border digital public services

Our booth was a central attraction: service providers, software vendors, solutions developers, systems integrators as well as media, researches and public

26/03/2015 - 09:36

LabDisk: the portable lab bringing EU technology to Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This is a guest blog post written by Dr. Konstantinos Mitsakakis, Project Coordinator

"Disc"...because it is like a CD.

"Gnosis" (Greek [γνώσις = knowledge])...because it allows to know what a patient suffers from.

"DiscoGnosis" is about diagnosing infectious diseases at the point-of-care, in resource-limited areas, in a fully-automated way, and within less than 1 hour from sample collection to result.

The scenario

In a village in Africa a 4-year-old boy cries in the middle of the night due to suddenly elevated fever, no other symptom.

The mother runs with her son to the rural health post. The doctor uses one strip test (

24/03/2015 - 14:58

Here is how we will improve digital skills and create more jobs in Europe

This week is European Get Online Week (GOW), a campaign aimed to engage and empower people to use technology and the Internet with confidence and acquire digital skills. #GOW15 will see the involvement of 25 countries and directly target more than 50,000 Europeans. I take this opportunity to summarize our actions and targets with regards to boosting digital skills and jobs in Europe.

For everyone a natural consequence of technological innovation is the quest for new types of skills.  Yet skills development does not come about as fast as technological development, which is why we are faced with a paradoxical situation: although almost 24 million Europeans are currently without a job companies have a hard time finding skilled digital technology

Elena Alampi-da...
24/03/2015 - 09:25

eID: emerging business cases

Public services are rapidly going digital.  Citizens will be able to access public services in another EU member state using their eID issued by their own or even another member state. But it is not just about getting hold of public services more easily when you are in another country. It can also provide trust and security for business and their customers previously missing.

Some businesses need more than just a credit card in order to discharge responsibilities put on them. For example the financial sector with its anti-money laundering requirements. But it is not just about meeting requirements. Legal uncertainty and the lack of trust can inhibit action or entering into an agreement. The sharing economy, where greater certainty about the individual is desirable is just one example.

A key aspect of the

23/03/2015 - 14:09

With real-time ‘mixed reality’ you can race with the champions!

A professional skier battled against two online gamers in the world’s first interactive mixed reality downhill ski race, using technology pioneered by European researchers...and lost!

Hitting speeds of up to 100 kilometres an hour, Lukas Seyfried hurtled down the world cup ski course in Schladming, Austria, in a bid to reach the finish line before his two competitors – virtual reality gamers based in Thessaloniki and Munich.

The racers used a 3D tele-immersion platform and wore new virtual reality technology that allowed them to compete against each other by racing down the same ski slope at the same time. Despite the skier on the real slope picking up an early win in the first race, the two online gamers went on to battle back and win the successive races, with the racer in Greece gaining the lead and finishing with the best overall time.